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Using Our Site

What do I do if I receive the following message: "Server is busy or is not responding"?

Review the url web address bar located at the top of the webpage to ensure the web address is correct. A complete web address appears in the following format:https: // or If the url is correct, attempt to connect a second time to the web address. After three unsuccessful attempts, please contact the Online Banking Center.

Can I use Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) to access Online Banking?

Yes, Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge are supported (depending on your operating system). When using Internet Explorer or Edge with Internet Banking, make sure the latest patches from Microsoft have been installed or your browser has been upgraded to the latest supported version.

More information is available at Microsoft's web site.

Help Sources

If you still have questions regarding your browser, we encourage you to contact the appropriate company that created it through the normal customer support channels. However, if you have any questions regarding Online Banking, your accounts, or are having difficulty connecting to the bank's Internet Bank, please call the On-line Banking Center at 800.545.0289.

When I try to sign on to Online Banking I receive a message saying "Login failed, retry." What happened?

It is possible that you have entered your user id and/or password incorrectly. The user id and password are case sensitive so we recommend that you verify that your Caps Lock button is not turned on and that you have copied the password down correctly. If you still are unable to access your account information, please call Customer Service at 800.545.0289.

On the Funds Transfer screen there is a message that "Funds transfers entered after 4:00 PM ET time will be processed the next day". Does this mean my transfer will not go through today?

While your funds transfer is still initiated today, the transaction will not appear in your register until after nightly processing on the host system is completed. You should receive a message back from the system indicating that your transfer has been successful and the Statement Available Balance will reflect the change in your balance the next time you log in to the system.

While trying to go back to a previous page I was taken back to the log on screen. Why did this happen?

Sometimes using your browser's back button will cause you to be logged out of Online Banking. For security reasons some pages are automatically expired so that you cannot return to them. By using the navigation toolbar found at the top of most Internet Banking pages, you should not encounter this problem.

What browsers and operating systems do you support?

Consumer eBanking is compatible with current versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari on Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

For maximum security, always use the latest version of a browser. Beta versions of browsers and operating systems are not recommended or supported. Additionally, if a browser or operating system is no longer supported by the vendor, it is not supported by us.

Other browsers and operating systems may be used; however, they are not supported by us and some features may not function properly.

Certain tools on the site are blocked or will not work. Why?

Your browser may require you to enable pop-ups on our site in order for certain tools to work properly. 

How do I enable pop-ups on the site? Is it safe to do so?

To fully access our site and to enable tools to work properly, we recommend you set your browser to allow pop-ups. While it is a good practice to block pop-ups on sites that are unknown to you, rest assured that the pop-ups on our site are safe and your banking session will remain secure if they are enabled.

To enable the pop-up feature on our site, follow the instructions below, based on the browser you use.


Internet Explorer

  • Click on “Tools” icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click “Internet Options” and then “Security”
  • Click “Trusted Sites” and then “Sites”
  • In “Add this website to the zone” field, enter (the URL may be auto-filled for you)
  • Click “Add” and then “Close”
  • With “Trusted Sites” highlighted, click on “Custom Level”
  • In the “Security Settings - Trusted Sites Zone” window, scroll down to the Miscellaneous section, and then scroll down to “Use Pop-up Blocker”
  • Select “Disable” and then click “OK”
  • In the “Internet Options” window, click “OK”


  • Click on the Firefox dropdown and select “Options” (or, on the menu bar, click “Tools” and then “Options”)
  • Click “Content”
  • Click “Exceptions” next to “Block pop-up windows”
  • In “Address of web site” field, enter
  • Select “Allow”
  • Click “Close” and then “OK”


  • Click on the wrench in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click “Options”
  • Click “Under the Hood”
  • In the Privacy section, click “Content Settings”
  • In the Pop-ups section, click “Manage Exceptions”
  • In “Add a new host name pattern” field, enter
  • Select “Allow” and press “Enter”


  • Click on “Safari” in the upper left-hand corner
  • Click “Preferences”
  • Click “Security”
  • Remove the check mark from “Block pop-up windows”

Note: With Safari, pop-ups are either “on” or “off” – there is no option to enter exceptions.

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