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We want you to have the information you need so your loan closes quickly and smoothly. Our Resource Center offers a wide variety of online calculators and answers to common questions about the home buying and mortgage loan process.

What's the difference between Conventional and ARM loan programs? Which will best suit my needs? We can help you find the Ideal Loan for Your Lifestyle.

How much will my monthly payment be? Should I rent or buy? How long will it take to pay off a loan? Our Mortgage Calculators provide answers to these and other important questions.

Use our Glossary of Terms to understand some of the unusual terms you may hear or see during the mortgage process.

Great for first-time homebuyers, Home Buying Basics helps you feel confident and informed about buying a new home.

Print the forms you need from our list of Printable Forms. Submit completed forms by mail or fax.

If you have any questions about a mortgage loan, call on of our representatives at 1.800.555.9310.