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Lease Related Questions

Is the warranty any different for a leased vehicle?

No. The manufacturer’s warranty follows the vehicle, without regard to the financing method selected.

Who pays for the maintenance and repairs after the warranty has expired?

You will. Maintenance and repair responsibility is the same in a lease as if you had purchased the vehicle. Most manufacturers offer extended warranty protection and the cost can be built into your lease payment.

Who insures the vehicle?

You will need collision, comprehensive and liability coverage of at least $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident and $50,000 property damage.

Can I end the lease early?

Your lease is just like a car loan. You have all the same options. You can sell, trade or buy the vehicle yourself, or we will sell it for you. Any surplus above your payoff will be refunded; any deficiency invoiced.

Are there any tax advantages from leasing?

If you use your vehicle for business there are significant tax advantages. For personal use there is no impact.

Do I find the car and then come to you?

No. To insure our ability to secure wholesale pricing, we have to control the acquisition process. We purchase hundreds of vehicles each year and have volume discount arrangements already in place. If you get a retail sales person involved, our wholesale arrangements do not apply.

What is the timing?

If you lease a vehicle that’s already in stock, it will normally take one to three days. A vehicle you order will usually take 6 to 8 weeks.

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