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Vehicle Leasing

Knowing what vehicle to buy can be a very complicated task. We have auto specialists who can help you make the right decision. Because we don't represent any particular brand, we can provide unbiased information on safety issues, gas mileage, option availability, resale, warranties and, of course, pricing. Unlike car dealerships, we don't have pre-packaged lease arrangements. Each lease is customized to fit your particular needs. Here are just a few benefits we offer:

  • No Down Payment
  • No Acquisition Fee
  • No Disposal Fees
  • Unlimited Mileage Leases
  • Used Vehicle Leases
  • 12 to 72-month terms

After a consultation with an auto specialist, you will be asked to complete a brief application. Upon approval, we will order your vehicle directly from the manufacturer or importer, or we'll locate your desired vehicle from dealer inventory. It's important that we control the acquisition process to ensure wholesale pricing. Lease documents are then executed and the vehicle is delivered through your local dealer. It's that simple.

So, you have two options: The hard way - you can travel from site-to-site or dealer-to-dealer attempting to learn all about cars on your own. Or the easy way - you can contact your The Bancorp Bank vehicle specialist, who'll share his knowledge and access to wholesale prices to help you get a great deal on a lease.

Give me the facts about leasing? Why leasing from us is better than leasing from a car dealer.

For more information, call 1-800-532-7352, email or apply below.

The Facts About Leasing

Leasing is not significantly different than buying. When you buy and finance a vehicle you are buying the whole car. When you lease you are buying a portion of the car. You are buying depreciation. If a car sells for $20,000 and will be worth $8,000 in four years, why not simply purchase $12,000 worth?

The growth in vehicle leasing has been fueled by the growing sophistication of the used car market and auction system, which has enhanced the industry's ability to predict resale values. This predictability factor allows you to make payments on the projected depreciation. Leasing allows you to pay for what you use as you use it.

Why it's Better to Lease From The Bancorp Bank

You can obtain a lease from three different sources:

Car Dealers
From the consumer's perspective, it looks like car dealers issue most leases. This isn't the case. Dealers merely act as brokers, or middlemen, for the manufacturer's finance company or for a bank. For dealers, the lease is just a financing tool to aid in the sales process. They want to shift the emphasis to the monthly payment rather than the selling price of the car. Leases help them do this.
Independent Leasing Companies
Every metropolitan area has stand-alone, non-dealer-affiliated leasing companies that offer leasing services either to the consumer market or corporate fleets. Again, these companies act as brokers, or middlemen; the actual lease financing is provided by a bank or finance company.
Direct Bank Lessors
When you select this option there are no middlemen. You can lease DIRECT from the bank. The Bancorp Bank is one of the very few financial institutions that offer a DIRECT leasing product. We don't have to sell the lease to a bank - we are the bank. Because we're registered as a leasing company with vehicle manufacturers, we have access to wholesale vehicle pricing. Combining this with our lower cost of funds as an Internet bank and our vehicle expertise, we are positioned to offer you a low-cost, service-oriented product.

For more information, call 1-800-532-7352, email