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Why a partnership?

Increased revenues. Higher customer retention rates. Expanded market share. Reduced marketing costs.

The Bancorp Bank's unique business model puts your company and your brand first. As the only full-time, dedicated affinity banking servicer, our experts know how to leverage your markets by expanding your current product offerings. Our branded banking services help you capture the entire customer relationship and keep customer revenue streams in your channels.

When you offer your customers a total banking solution, you'll earn royalties on account deposits and loan products through The Bancorp Bank's revenue sharing agreement. Don't worry we don't compete with you. We work with you to ensure that our products enhance and work with – not against – yours. We provide a menu of products and services that can be customized and personalized to best suit your customer demographics.

The Bancorp Bank provides an end-to-end product and service solution on a national level that promises both your institutional and individual customers a high degree of accessibility. Our rollout support ensures a fast, smooth, and seamless integration with your existing services with minimal financial or personnel investment by you. Our infrastructure is robust and ready to deliver your brand to your customers.

The Bancorp Bank is an FDIC-insured financial institution. In addition to this level of assurance, we strive to provide outstanding customer support. We supply customers worldwide access to their accounts at literally thousands of service points, our customer service staff is also available all day, every day to answer questions and help your customers transact their business.

Increased revenues. Higher customer retention rates. Expanding marketing share while lowering marketing costs. You can’t afford to wait.

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Contact Information:
To learn more about our branded banking solutions, you may contact:

Healthcare Solutions - Jill Kelly at 302.385.5012 or

ACH & Merchant Acquiring - Matt Carberry 302.385.5038 or

Private Label Banking - Ana Liza Gradner at 215.861.7782 or

Institutional Banking - James Liberi at 215.861.7834 or

Please direct all other inquiries to 800.545.0289 or