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Chip Technology


As your bank, we’re committed to the security and protection of your total financial relationship with us. Chip technology is another way for us to better protect your debit card and how you use it. With chip technology, you get the latest in payment card security and greater peace of mind. 

By late August 2016, we will begin issuing chip-enabled Visa® Debit Cards to both consumer and business account holders to replace the cards currently in use. The FAQs below provide information about chip technology and what you can expect when you start using your new chip-enabled Visa Debit Card. If you still have questions, please call the Customer Care number on the back of your card.

Paying with your new Visa Debit Card at a chip-enabled terminal is easy:

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  • Insert the chip end of the card into the terminal with the chip facing up.
  • Keep the card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Please note that you may have to sign for your purchase.
  • Remove the card when prompted and take your receipt.



Chip Technology

What is chip technology?

Chip technology provides enhanced security to various types of payment cards—debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards. A microchip embedded in the card encrypts the transaction data which makes it difficult for fraudsters to access or copy the card information. When used at a chip-enabled terminal, the chip-enabled card offers additional security to your transactions. Chip technology is widely used in other countries and is now being introduced across the U.S.

How is the chip-enabled card different from my current debit card?

A chip-enabled card has a small metal square on the front above the account number. The card will still have a magnetic stripe on the back so it can be used at ATMs and merchants who do not currently have chip-enabled terminals.

Do chip-enabled cards prevent all fraudulent activity?

No. While chip-enabled cards can give you greater peace of mind at the checkout, fraudsters continue to look for ways to steal information. In the event of loss, theft or fraudulent activity, your new chip-enabled Visa Debit Card will continue to have Zero Liability Fraud Protection[1] as explained in your account agreement.

Using your new chip-enabled card 

When will I receive a new chip-enabled card?

By late August 2016, we will begin issuing chip-enabled Visa Debit Cards to consumer and business account holders as current cards expire. If you have multiple deposit accounts with us that include a Visa Debit Card, you will receive a new card for each account, most likely at different times, depending on the expiration date of the current card. Please continue using your current Visa Debit Card(s) until the new chip-enabled card(s) arrives.

If you have an ATM-only card for your account, you will not receive a chip-enabled card, but should continue to use your current ATM card.

Do I need to activate my new chip-enabled card?

Yes. Activate and begin using your new chip-enabled card immediately as instructed on the activation sticker. You should destroy your old card once you have activated the new one.

Is my card number changing?

In certain circumstances, some debit card customers will be issued a new 16-digit card number for their chip-enabled card. For other customers, the card number will not change. Please note that all newly issued chip-enabled cards will have a new expiration date and 3-digit security code. You will need to update your card information for any services and settings tied to your debit card. Please read the Q & As that follow for more about this.

My current card is set up for recurring transactions with merchants/service providers. Do I need to give them my new card information?

Yes. Once you activate the new chip-enabled card, you should contact all merchants/service providers to update your card information. Even if the card number stays the same, the expiration date and 3-digit security code will change, so you will need to notify each of your merchants/service providers. This applies to any automatic payment you make using your Visa Debit Card.

I have alerts set up on my current debit card. Will my alert settings still apply to the new chip-enabled card?

It depends. If you are issued a new card number, you will need to set up alerts again for the new chip-enabled card. 

Are there any changes to using the chip-enabled card with Apple Pay and Android Pay?

It depends. If you are issued a new card number, you will need to re-enter your new card information.

If you are not issued a new card number, you will have to enter the new expiration date and 3-digit security code. 

Do I need a PIN to make a purchase with a chip-enabled card?

You can use either your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or your signature to make a purchase. When using a chip-enabled card, you’ll be prompted for your PIN (“debit”) or your signature (“credit”) to complete the transaction, just as you are today.

Can I have both a chip-enabled card and my current magnetic-stripe only card?

No. You should destroy your old card as soon as you activate your new chip-enabled card. The new card will still include a magnetic stripe so that you can use it at merchants who don’t yet have chip-enabled terminals. 

Can I use the chip-enabled card at ATMs?

Yes. You can use the chip-enabled debit card at an ATM, but the process will vary depending on the ATM. You may be asked to insert the card a second time into the ATM, or the card may remain in the machine until the transaction is completed. As ATMs are updated to support chip-enabled cards, the transaction process may change going forward.

If you have an ATM-only card for your account, you will not receive a chip-enabled card, but should continue to use your current ATM card.

Can I use the chip-enabled card for online transactions?

Yes. The chip-enabled card functions the same way as your current card for online transactions.

Can I still “swipe” the card at a chip-enabled terminal?

If you have a chip-enabled card and the merchant has a chip-enabled terminal, you should insert the card rather than swipe it.

Can I use the chip-enabled card at a merchant location that does not have a chip-enabled terminal?

Yes. Since the new chip-enabled card also includes a magnetic stripe, you can still swipe the card at traditional payment terminals.

Can I use the chip-enabled card outside of the U.S.?

Yes. Chip technology is now in use in most countries around the world. The transaction process for using the chip-enabled card is the same wherever you travel. The chip-enabled Visa Debit Card lets you enjoy the ease and security of making purchases and ATM withdrawals worldwide, wherever you see the Visa logo.

What is the difference between Chip, EMV and Smart Chip?

Card issuers may identify their chip-enabled cards differently, but all of these are just different names for the same technology.


1. Visa's Zero Liability Policy covers U.S.-issued cards and does not apply to certain commercial card transactions, or any transactions not processed by Visa. You must notify your financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please contact Customer Care.